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Professional guidance for creating and maintaining wealth

Putting every piece of the financial puzzle together as your life unfolds and your needs evolve

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"We have been working with Adam for eight years and he truly cares about growing and maintaining what we have worked so hard to save.  We are very happy with the ongoing progress of our plan for a comfortable retirement!"


The Embark Wealth Difference

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Embark Wealth offers personalized, independent, and client-centric financial planning​. We learn about your goals and objectives, and align every aspect of your financials to get you there with more efficiency. We provide access to all the tools needed to construct a personalized long-term plan, a coinciding tax plan and risk management plan, as well as a tax-smart investment plan free of any and all conflicts of interest.

We work for you. 

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Certified Financial Planner

Personalized planning is about learning your unique outlook of the future, and aligning all of your financials to coincide with getting you there

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Discretionary Portfolio Management

We provide unparalleled access to investment solutions, including those typically only available to pension funds, endowments, and ultra-high net worth families


Independent Client-centric Advice

We do not work for banks, nor do we push or represent investment products.  We work for you, and have no conflicts of interest to do otherwise

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Tax Planing and Tax-Smart Investing

Structuring your financials around a forward-looking and contextual tax-plan allows you to maximize your efforts , so you can keep more of what you earn

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Longevity to see you through

We expect and assume to be alongside our clients over a multi-decade advisory relatonship that sees clients though the various stages of their lives 

A coffee and a second opinion

A coffee and a second opinion

Let's have meaningful conversations about:

Embark Wealth Advisory Teams

Dedicated to client-centric financial planning, investment, and tax recommendations free of any and all conflict of interest.

We work for you.

A coffee and a second opinion

Are you on track?

In 15 minutes, we can evaluate your situation, identify opportunities and areas of concern, and create an action plan for you and your family.

No cost and no commitment.

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